Welcome Dr. Lin

by Jing Liu ~ June 11th, 2014
Share a mutual friend with Dr. Justin Lin.

Share a mutual friend with Dr. Justin Lin.

More on the First Joint Celebration

by Jing Liu ~ May 28th, 2014

I was just criticized for not updating the blog. I feel pretty shamed to see the last posting was almost 4 months ago. So here some more photos, we used Instagram the first time at this event.





Partner up in the Year of the Horse

by Jing Liu ~ February 6th, 2014

It’s going to be the 11th Annual Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, and very first time to partner up between our Asian Library and the Department of Asian Studies. Mr. Li has kindly wrote us the couplets, that elegantly describe our library from the scholar’s point of view. They are facing the front entrance of the Asian Center. Dr. Wang is still working on tomorrow’s program, almost midnight.

Cantonese Program Funded by the Watt Brothers

by Jing Liu ~ January 7th, 2014

Not just on the language but also history and culture of the Cantonese-speaking region. Prof. King was interviewed about the program by the CBC Radio.

Holiday Treat from the Faculty

by Jing Liu ~ December 20th, 2013

Dr. Bailey brought us the lovely poinsettia!

Dr. Bailey brought us the lovely poinsettia!

Invitation from the the dual-language school in WA

by Jing Liu ~ November 1st, 2013

CEAL website still has many job postings, and this came into the mailbox. Good news for our SLAIS graduates.

Please consider applying for this school librarian position at Jing Mei (dual language English-Chinese) Elementary in Bellevue. Jing Mei is the only dual-language elementary school that is English-Chinese in Washington state. The school is brand new this year and there are plans to expand it. There are boxes of brand new books waiting for a librarian to open, catalog and read to children.


by Jing Liu ~ October 8th, 2013


Prof. He in front of the set that Prof. Nappi has requested.

Michael Meng on Yale Library and China[/caption]

I was among the 6 large East Asian Libraries’ reps presenting on our libraries. I have discovered some amazing new directions from my counterparts. I need to revise my PPT for the next step. More questions from both UBCV and UBCO in my mailbox, that deserves action first.

China Council Announced

by Jing Liu ~ August 26th, 2013

Two major China related news, one is that President Toope went to Chongqing again and signed the agreement to make UBC a primary international academic partner. The Chinese media report can be seen on the web, but not much from home yet.

China Council was finally and officially announced and will be run by the IAR for administration. Yves is in China with the President and Tim reminded me to report on our collaborative projects from the library side.

When I was sick in China, I was left in the hotel room watching the CCTV overseas’ Channel, and watched Yves’ interview. It looks like UBC is becoming better known in China.

Meeting at the NLC

by Jing Liu ~ June 20th, 2013

First meeting is going around the table to introduce the 12 largest East Asian Library’s rare book collections. Ours ranks the top no.5 in size after LC, Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley, but are in the worst condition. Although a few other libraries haven’t finished their rare book cataloguing, such as LC and UW, they have digitized the rare titles. Just saw Rob’s email on the tested titles, that I can show the colleagues here in Beijing. Thanks Rob and to all your folks!

Young Scholars on Manchuria 5/17/2013

by Jing Liu ~ May 21st, 2013

The Manchuria Workshop was hosted by our own Norman Smith at the IAR co sponsored by the CCR. I helped Norman when I first started at UBC, with his research on women writers and the Japanese occupation. Glad to know he made that project into the first book in English on women’s history in twentieth-century Manchuria. More impressive was that he has published two more books.

I was glad to see Prof. Sun from St. Mary’s and David Luesink, who is moving on to U. of Pittsburgh in August, and asked me to introduce him to Haihui. I enjoyed the chat with Victor from Harvard and CJ from Yale. Their Mandarin is equally fluent as their English. They have been working with a large amount of archives from China, Japan, Russia, and even resources from Korea. I will trace some archives in June from various institutions in Beijing for 4 requests from our PoliSci and History Ph.Ds.

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