Canadian Digital Information Strategy

by Jing Liu ~ November 3rd, 2007. Filed under: Tech Trends.

The Canadian Digital Information Strategy is currently issued in draft form for comment by any interested person or organization. Please note that comments are due by Nov 23, 2007.

Diversity in digital content production is encouraged. Multicultural Canada and the Chinese-Canadian Genealogy website are mentioned in the draft. Besides thinking about the comment, shall we organize a workshop and invite Ian and Shumin as keynote speakers? Allan had similar workshop or conference idea. Shall we collaborate? or go for an informal, social gathering and meanwhile have digital strategy as the subject of talks and discussion? since some folks proposed holiday gathering idea to me anyway. We may come up with better ideas at the party.

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  1.   Ian

    Thanks, Jing. It is a very interesting document.
    I attended an international conference (iPres) about digital preservation in Beijing last month and presented our Multicultural Canada Project. I feel, on digital information policy and strategy level, Canada lags behind some EU countries, US and China. Canada needs a national infrastructure to handle its digital contents.

    I would like to talk about this at a very casual gathering, not keynote speaker.

  2.   Jing

    Hey, welcome back from Beijing and thanks for supporting our gathering. Your site was down last night, so I didn’t link posting to it. Besides your project, we would love to learn about the conference.

  3.   Lingbo

    Keynote will be great, why not? I welcome a gathering to catch up with everyone’s activities / achievements / promotions.

  4.   Jian

    Great! I would love to listen to Comrade Ian.Casual or formal, that does not matter. Food and wine count.

  5.   Lei Zhu

    Thanks Jing for bringing this up. Between a formal workshop and a casual gathering (with food and wine as Jian is expecting), how about we compromise and have a “casual workshop” instead, somewhat like our first Chinese Canadian librarian meeting last year? As for the meeting place, we could for example book a seminar room in VPL or any other libraries. (Sorry Jian, but sitting in a public library with a glass of wine in hand sounds like a mission impossible, doesn’ it?)

    Very much look forward to this technical+fashionable meeting. Personally I will be happy with any plan that comes out at the end.

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