Reading Chinese Books

by Jing Liu ~ November 3rd, 2007. Filed under: Experience.

Finish reading several Chinese books this rainy weekend, including two on health and parenting borrowed from friends. They made me feel relaxed and inspired. Megan just came over and told me how beautiful Mandarin is. That’s quite unusual! and I have to make a note here.

We are lucky living in Vancouver with best Chinese collections at UBC, public libraries and bookstores, plus many friends who love to read. When I am tired of reading in English, Chinese books bring me joy and a different way of thinking.

4 Responses to Reading Chinese Books

  1.   Mindy

    That’s so true, Jing! We miss the Chinese collection at VPL very much now. The multicultural collection here consists of mostly Spanish materials.
    Take advantage of what you all have been blessed with, my Vancouverite friends!

  2.   ligang

    I read the paper. Keep doing.

  3.   WC

    where would i find chinese collection at ubc?

  4.   Jing Liu

    At Asian Library

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