Some Pricing Models: Individual Libraries

by Jing Liu ~ July 29th, 2008. Filed under: Summer Institute for Chinese Studies Librariship.

FTE/Head Count
UW has 42,000, but for Chinese e-resources, Size, nature of programs should be the right model. Concurrent User is another one, and may save some money, but not good for course reserves. Tiers, Carnegie classification, works for resources on broad subjects such as JStore and Mute. Budget or Resource Budget and Custom quote are other models.

Bundling and big deals like Elsevier was developed with publisher goals as build market share and decrease transaction costs. What we want to do is to limit price increases, add content and retain flexibility. Platform examples: Ebrary, EBL may not give perpetual access. Serial Solutions has moved into ebook management. For consortial buying, all libraries should do better through group, and libraries don’t subsidize others.Case Studies:

Korean Studies librarians from Korean Collections Consortium of North America is flexible. But people here think the vendor set the price too high. What prospects for consortial buying of China Studies resources? Tim advises us to be patient, since it’s a time consuming work.

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