Reunion on Microsoft Campus

by Jing Liu ~ August 1st, 2008. Filed under: Summer Institute for Chinese Studies Librariship.

Small world! The largest research group of MS is in Beijing, and the most UW school friends work for MS. The headquarter campus visit is like a library school reunion party. When Linda Shaw reminded me our group study back at school, all those gentle smiling faces came to my mind again. Besides profs and co-workers, my kind classmates helped me through the MLS program. They tried their best to make sure I understand all the lectures and discussions, and to guess what the poor Chinese girl struggled to express in English.

I am so happy for Linda who built the way up to the head librarian in Microsoft. Jennifer, as 学妹, Xia as 学姐,luckily work together and hang out together. They all like where I settled, and will drive up soon. Linda’s happy receiving our name list from Zhijia and told me the challenge to hire for Beijing. Intel tried recently.Microsoft employees do read books. They often find books online, then request for print copies. The 12,000/month circulation rate is high. Mr. Dirks from External Research delivered a passionate PPT on applied projects to enhance academic prodctivity by evolving MS scholarly communication offerings.

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