Asian Vault

by Jing Liu ~ November 28th, 2012

Met Shaun in the vault on Monday, and he showed me how he was taking off the cover and what has been waiting for me to work on. Alvan took his time introducing me to the Belfor ladies and showing me the details of the rearranged vault. Not sure if I am in the position to make any decisions about those unprocessed gifts. I have started sorting the materials and making the priority list. Did abit research on Zhang Yuanji’s writings on the covers.

Still sufferring from the jet lag and I was dis-oriented when Richard and JP came in this early morning. The microfilm cabins will be moved out of the vault. Tried to convince Helen that sooner or later, everything has to be moved out. The question is where they can be moved to.


by Jing Liu ~ November 23rd, 2012

Way up high study carrels

Narita Temple

Experiencing Japan

by Jing Liu ~ November 4th, 2012

I was impressed by the flower arrangement teacher at the International Affairs of Tsukuba U. , elegant lady with very strong hands.

Prof. Sugimoto drove me and Patrick around the town, to his neighborhood and treated us for lunch in a traditional family owned restaurant. I have all the respect towards this scholar, who is open, humble and thoughtful.

Mei, my college friend and a Tsukuba graduate, drove me to Narita Temple and her house. I was so excited experiencing Japan outside of the campus. When we parked the car on Mei’s drive way, a group of first graders walked by from their school. I was formerly introduced to them and we were all got excited and were busy chatting and joking. They wanted to be in my picture and visit me in Canada for they know “many English words”.


by Jing Liu ~ November 3rd, 2012

Try to warn friends and family when I read about earthquake in Norhtern BC. They laughed at me worrying so much and maybe because I am in Japan. During my tour of the Tsukuba U. Central Library, and when I was taking this photo, I felt and heard the earthquake clearly, and so did others, but nobody was panicked or ran. Besides the auto-compact shelves, bars are also installed to prevent books falling off the shelves. It’s a very busy library. More than 50 volunteers and many student assistants are helping out.

The movie DVDs are marked with various copyright restrictions. A colorful exhibit on female students’ education history with lots of rare items from the vault.

Lecture Time

by Jing Liu ~ November 1st, 2012

I am flattered by Shoko who needs special permission to skip her class for my talk to the faculty.

The audience showed strong interest. It turned out to be very interactive. Thanks to Dr. Sugimoto and Dr. Lo’s introduction and tune setting. Dr. Hideo Joho’s comments impressed me and presented the difference in funding principles and organizational structure.

The senior gentleman from the Central Library stayed behind and thanked me in English and Chinese. I am humbled…

Arriving in Tsukuba

by Jing Liu ~ November 1st, 2012

Unlike Tokyo, Tsukuba is more like Canada, quiet and slow paced, very clean and neat streets and very green. Stayed in fancy Daiwa Roynet before I moved into the guest house on campus. The security guard was very serious with all my paperwork, and he stamped with his personal seal at the end.

Had a quick lunch at the Italian place and dressed up for the class. The classroom is alot like Chinese ones except for the large Panasonic Screen. From the students’ questions, I can easily sense the huge difference, which added the pressure for the next day’s lecture to the entire faculty.

First stop in Tokyo

by Jing Liu ~ October 30th, 2012

Heavy fog at Beijing airport delayed my flight. When we landed in Narita, it was packed. Foreingers are required to take finger prints and photos, which slowed down further. On the way to Ueno, it was getting dark. It took me entire Saturday for this short flight.

Rachel picked me up on Sunday morning and took me to the National Museum. Its arrangment is very friendly, many buildings and smaller rooms with a beautiful garden. We spent hours there and didn’t feel tired at all. There’s special exhibit on Chinese ancient empires. Many rooms’ introduction stated the influence of China and Korea. Very low profile attitude, but the exhibits themselves present us the adaptive creativity of Japanese people.

On our way to meet Dr. Lo’s and Paul Kelly, we stepped into this bookstore, packed like in the Narita airport.


by Jing Liu ~ October 13th, 2012

This post-Thanksgiving Vancouver weather marks the end of my two-year effort on the rare books. How sad! 真可谓“屋漏偏逢连夜雨,船迟又遇打头风”。 The incident brought me back to this blog. Wonder if it also marks the end of an era and I should look forward to a new start. 祸福相依的道理我还是懂得的。Gains and losses go side by side.

Setting up Exhibits

by Jing Liu ~ September 24th, 2012

The group visit this morning reminds me what Mr. Peter Eng said at the Opening. He encouraged us to involve more young people to the events like this Exhibit.

Cara is the most energetic ECE student at UBC. I am so lucky having her volunteered, originally as the photographer. She turned out helping with everything, including the rare book brochure design. Cara jumped up and down the table hundreds of times to hang all the panels before the TV crew showed up. She rushed into the Opening from her class taking pro photos. We happened to caught her images when she was busy.

Just like Peter, I really enjoy working for or with young folks. I wish we had money hiring Cara who could bring her UBC Digital Multimedia Lab experience to the library.

Orientation and the Exhibit

by Jing Liu ~ September 24th, 2012

I appreciated a much shorter staff meeting today. Some Chinese students in the neighborhood came to the Exhibit with their parents on this PD day. I recognized Peril right away who has been our loyal reader and donor, and she is with Tsu Chi Academy of Humanity. The group’s comment is really encouraging. I spent longer time than I expected to give them the tour of the collection.

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