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January 13, 2017: Please read before next class

Hello everyone, I enjoyed meeting you on Monday and hope you have had a good week. A few things to note before next class: If you have not yet joined the course WordPress site, please do so by following the … Continue reading

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January 16: Class activity

Jigsaw: Embodied knowing, Intuition, Mindfulness & Indigenous ways of knowing Step 1: Get into groups of 4 (same colours) Step 2: On your own, read the text assigned to your group (5 minutes) Yellow = Here and here: Embodied knowledge. … Continue reading

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January 3: Welcome and action required before January 9

This message was sent via Connect on January 3, 2017. The password has been removed from this message but can be found in the Connect version. Hello students of “Education, Knowledge and Curriculum” (EDST 403/Section 105), I hope you all … Continue reading

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January 3: How to join the course WordPress site

  How to join the EDST 403 Wordpress site: Because we will be using as the course site, I need you to join the site via WordPress. Below are some instructions on how to do this. These steps should take you less than … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Listen to the Sounds

Week 2 Mindfulness Activity: Listen to the Sounds “Several times a day, stop and just listen. Open your hearing 360 degrees, as if your ears were giant radar dishes. Listen to the obvious sounds, and the subtle sounds—in your body, in … Continue reading

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Resources (May 2015)

Resource page (May 2015). Below is the content of the resource page from the May-June 2015 offering of the course. This page provides resources that will be useful to teachers and are related to various topics in this course Class … Continue reading

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Final Assignment (Jimmy Yao)

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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Progress (by Evan Christian)

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Accompanying text: Christian, Evan.403-Final

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Concept Maps (last day of class June 2015)

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On the last day of class, students created concept maps for the ideas/themes that resonated most from the course.

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Exploring Difficult Classroom Situations through Forum Theatre (June 16, 2015)

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Forum Theatre with Guest Mali Bain June 16, 2015 As a way to explore complex social dynamics in teaching, we used Forum Theatre.  Many thanks to Mali and the students for their participation.

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