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The Tyee Aboriginal Affairs.

The Tyee is an independent online magazine that offers a different commentary that what you will likely find in the mainstream media. It is a locally based magazine that believes that many British Columbians “are hungry for news and comment that reflects their actual lives, their own values.”

This is a link to the Aboriginal affairs section of the magazine. It is updated fairly regularly (at least once a week) and offers news stories concerning Aboriginal issues that are often more locally based and from a more independent perspective.

I feel that this is a valuable resource to post because it offers a different, more sensitive portrayal of First Nations concerns that the mainstream media. It is certainly less sensationalist and provides a more accurate description of First Nations cultures and issues.

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Module # 2 Weblog # 1

Xwi7xwa Library

First Nations Filmmaking

I thought that this page would make an excellent resource for anyone interested in First Nations filmmaking in Canada. This page offers links to a variety of different pages that involve First Nations filmmaking in Canada. There is actually little information on this web page. It is simply a link page, but has a large amount of relevant links that may be difficult to find otherwise.

I believe this to be an invaluable resource simply because of their sheer amount of relevant links provided.

Some links that I found particularly interesting are.

There are links to education programs for First Nations students on the Gulf Islands and in Vancouver.

Aboriginal Program (Gulf Islands Film and Television School)

Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (Capilano College)

The associations section had some intriguing links as well, although they are not necessarily Canadian based.

American Indian Film Institute Media arts centre that encourages using media to express Native voices

Native Networks (Smithsonian) Listing of Aboriginal Film/Video Organizations from North and South America

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