European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights Module 2-5

European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights (ENIAR)

 This site is somewhat unique from others I’ve viewed because it has been developed by a United Kingdom based European support group for  support of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Its “aim is to promote awareness on indigenous issues and to provide information for Indigenous Australians about Europe and international organizations. ENIAR is not affiliated to any government or commercial bodies, is non profit- making and run entirely by volunteers.” 

The site covers the following key indigenous Australian issues:

Art, culture, health, history, human rights, language, law and justice, native title to mention a few.  Each subject or issue leads to a page with considerable amounts of information and external links.  For example, the Aboriginal art page has an ongoing news letter, and the following is only a portion of the external links:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resource links

On the front page is has extensive coverage on what is called the Stolen Generation.  It speaks to previous overt Australian Government policies to forcibly remove children from their homes in an attempt to assimilate them into European society. 

I don’t know if this site is in partnership with a Aboriginal group(s), however, it clearly identifies the origin and purpose of the site.  In light of the amount of external links alone, it warrants a cursory inspection.


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