Teaching Respect for Native Peoples (M2, #2)


This site struck me as a great resource for teachers with many suggestions of ways to ensure that Native students feel respected and valued in the classroom. In addition, it provides ideas for teaching about Indigenous cultures in appropriate ways. Although many of these points might seem obvious, it’s helpful to read through as even one or two of the suggestions might be easily implemented to positively impact teaching practices.

Although I agree with many of the suggestions on this list, some I wasn’t so sure about. For example, the suggestion: “don’t single out Native children, ask them to describe their families’ traditions, or their peoples’ cultures.” Some students might enjoy teaching about their culture, especially if they can do so in a way they are comfortable with. In my experience, most students enjoy talking about their interests, traditions and culture, especially if they feel secure and confident in their learning environment.

I like how the suggestions are concise and well organized in an easy to read bulleted list. This information is presented as pertaining to Native cultures, but most of the suggestions are applicable to any culture.


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