Blogging from Vancouver

Hello Everyone,

My name is Doug Smith and I’m entering my second year into the MET program.  I’m a teacher-on-call (ie substitute teacher) in Vancouver, focusing on math science and physics.  Prior to teaching I was a mechanical engineer for 15 years.  Partly due to my background, I’d like to develop and grow some skills that are applicable to educational technology ventures.  While I enjoy teaching, I am using MET as a means to keep other opportunities and doors open in career.

As far as educational technology goes, I’m very excited about what computers can offer learners in general, when combined with appropriate pedagogy.  I’m a modest tech hound, and can be seen carrying mobile devices such as a Blackberry phone and Playbook.  I really got to take advantage of the Playbook last term, by using it on public transit – a lot of forum posts and module readings were done on Skytrain.

Playbook and Bold

I’ve been expanding my PLN via twitter handle @bcphysics and also have an education blog found at

On the recreation side of things, I won’t be delving too heavily into MET until after this weekend, as I’m participating in the Vancouver to Whistler Gran Fondo.  I’ll be riding 125 km with around 7000 of my closest friends.

Gran Fondo

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