Edmodo is a social network and a private…

Edmodo is a social network and a private micro-blogging platform that is similar to the services provided by Facebook and Twitter. It is mainly built for teachers and students for them to use in their classroom. Edmodo is more secure than Facebook and Twitter. It provides teachers and students with the opportunity to conduct private social interactions.

 Edmodo has features that allow teachers and students to share notes, links and files. In addition to this, teachers can send assignments, grades, conduct polls and post any item in Edmodo public domain at any convenient time. Also Edmodo has features that allow students to view their grades, participate in online discussions and communicate with their teachers.

Edmodo was launched in 2008 and has grown to approximately five hundred thousand users in 2010 and in 2011 to approximately 2.5 million users.

CEO and Founder

  Jeff O’Har                             

                                                                  Nicolas Borg
Edmodo was founded by two men who devote their careers to educational technology, Nicolas Borg and Jeff O’Har. Nicolas Borg is currently the chief executive officer of Edmodo. He is a technologist who worked at Kaneland High School in Maple Park, IL for seven years, building web-based tools and learning management solutions. Jeff O’Hara is also a technologist who works as a network administrator for Community Unit School District 200 in Wheaton, Illinois. Jeff stumbled upon the idea of Edmodo while working in the IT department. He noticed that he had to block many social network sites from students at the school. As result of this problem at the school, he realized that the solution was to create a social medium for teachers and students so that they interact safely and securely. This idea gave birth to Edmodo.

 My Views:

After I have thoroughly gone through this and other ventures, I realized that any company that focuses on education and tools that enhance the learning and teaching process will become a thriving business. This is due to the greater demand for skilled and educated people in the various areas of our societies. In light of this fact, I think the founders of Edmodo have embarked on good a venture. Furthermore it is a good venture because solve the problem of immoral use of certain internet sites.

This venture has the ability to become a very successful business across our globe. It solves the problem of blocking social networks from students and unfriendly and unsecured areas for social interactions across the internet. This social network will positively affect the lives of teachers, students and administrators. It provides a platform for institutions to implement distant education and touch the lives of many students globally. After the review of this software, I planned to introduce it to my principal because it a great prospect online interactions between students and teachers.





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