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  • Kristopher 7:20 pm on October 24, 2011
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    I use a number of Cloud services (Google, Apple, Dropbox, Youtube, etc.);  Google really exemplifies cloud computing and Apple has made it amazing.  Google houses all of my mail (as of yesterday ALL of it) and many documents for assignments and personal life.  There hasn’t been the same leap in my professional world however.  Apple, […]

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    • jarvise 5:44 am on October 25, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Syncing between devices is a benefit that can’t be understated. We got a new apple tv update yesterday, and now I can steam directly from my iPad to my tv. Apple has definitely positioned themselves to have their customers buying everything they put out by making it all work together so easily and intuitively.


      • Kristopher 8:00 am on October 25, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        You’re completely right– we just got a new iMac (feeling all grown up now that we are moving away from the required laptop of school). With the integration and syncing possibilities, I don’t think it will be long until we will connect with an AppleTV. iPads? If anyone is giving them away I will take two. Apple has taken the cloud to a whole new level, and what’s more, they have been working their way towards it for years. The transfer of media from discs and hardware to essentially a cloud download system through iTunes that is doing away with traditional strategies of sharing.


    • mcquaid 1:27 pm on October 26, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I have used a few Apple devices, but have never owned one or used the ones I have to their full potential. I had no idea the new devices could do things like have a photo taken by one device appear on others. Who knows… if I ever buy an Apple product, maybe I’ll get hooked by their abilities (especially the cloud & syncing ones).
      Still… something holds me back, even more, perhaps, than being forced to use Apple formats / programs…

  • Kristopher 1:55 am on October 13, 2011
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    When I was working with an NGO that trains military and police for UN peace operations, we seriously considered an eBook format for a number of reasons: There is a capability to update the information and keep it relevant It can be linked to live websites throughout the text As we were producing the content, […]

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    • mcquaid 7:09 am on October 13, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      “There is definitely something to be said for the eBook potential in adult learning.”
      For whatever reason, this sparked some thoughts for me, or they just happened to come up as I read your entry. Either way… it had me thinking of a government’s possible link to electronic texts and readers. Perhaps adults looking to upgrade their schooling, particularly those with low incomes, could have gov’t subsidize/give them the texts they need to learn more / complete courses. Perhaps even in some case like retraining workers when their workplace closes (a fish plant, lumber yard, etc.). I wonder how much savings a “cheap” investment like this would give to gov’t / society? What social costs would it save down the road?

      “Also being able to tailor the content to a specific audience is very enticing; adapting a modular approach that allows for variations on provincial legislation, teacher preference, audience level, is excellent.”

      I was also thinking about texts for parents of kids in school – or “homework notes”. Although many texts come with an online version now, I wonder if companies would gather more business if they offered things like free homework help / “instructions” (“So, You’re Kid’s In Algebra…”) . Perhaps schools or public libraries could even have eReaders to loan out for such uses.

  • Kristopher 1:12 am on October 13, 2011
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    Hi all, I am not the proud owner of an eBook reader (unless you count my iPhone, although I have never attempted to read an iBook on there) and I don’t have a whole lot of experience reading for pleasure from my computer.  There is something different about curling up with a good laptop that […]

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    • Kristopher 1:29 am on October 13, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I forgot to mention that audiobooks have become a big part of my life. I am discovering all sorts of old classics through my iPhone as we moved to the country and the commute to the city is upwards of an hour now.

    • Allie 9:26 am on October 13, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I think you nicely point out how e-readers can really individualize reading, when there is this social dimension (‘I’ll have/read what she’s having/reading’) . You made me think of the impact on second hand book traders; when I was young and commuted and hour each way to school/work, much of my bus reading came from $1 books I grabbed from the 2nd hand bookstore in my town. They weren’t Goethe by any means, but good pulp fiction for a long busride.

    • Everton Walker 6:04 pm on October 13, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi All,

      I think it will take some time before most persons warm to ebook as the preferred choice of reading. Tradition is not easily replaced and I am sure it will be a tough battle between ebook and traditional paperbacks. For me, I do prefer to read from paperbacks. As soon as I own a kindle I guess my preference will begin to change.


      • jenaca 5:03 am on October 14, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Hey Everton,
        I must say I agree with your post. I even own an ebook and I still think it will take a while for people to choose ebooks over “normal” reading.

  • Kristopher 5:30 am on October 5, 2011
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    I chose to play a number of the games that seemed to all put you in a first-person context.  The first game that I played was the game Spent.  Spent was a pretty well crafted game that was quite short and based on a number of decisions as a single parent that has lost everything. […]

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    • bcourey 3:37 pm on October 5, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I gave Spent a try too…and was wiped out financially in about 3 minutes…I see the point they are making about trying to make a living on minimum wage – I can see this being quite beneficial for those students who drop out of school before graduating because they got the “great job” at minimum wage – having no clue how much everything costs…But what disengaged me was the fact that the reason I was wiped out financially was because I didn’t pay for health insurance – very U.S. oriented. However, I then needed dental work and couldn’t afford it so I lived with the pain…a real-life experience. I found that my university bound students were much more intrigued with SimCity games where the development of a city or society required much more complex thinking and problem solving.

  • Kristopher 4:55 am on October 5, 2011
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    Tags: , Week 05: Game-Based Learning   

    One of the first games I remember seriously playing was King’s Quest VII on the home computer.  It was an adventure-like game where you navigated a series of islands to collect things and generally was a lot of fun.  I remember also from 510 thinking about this game as it has a great impact on […]

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  • Kristopher 6:56 pm on September 29, 2011
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    Pixton Pixton is a tool that capitalizes on the capabilities of the web and its users to create, remix, and reuse one another’s creations.  The primary function is for a simple-to-use web-based comic creator that ‘gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web’.  The value of this product is reflected in the […]

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    • jenaca 11:29 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hey Christopher,
      Great find!!! I just made a toon foff Pixton for my ETEC 511 class! I searched several tooning sites and found theirs to be more user-friendly. This site is awesome and offers a variety of ways to make different visual creation!!
      Thumbs up!

  • Kristopher 8:42 pm on September 20, 2011
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    Tags: , , SmugMug   

    SmugMug Elevator Pitch The SmugMug elevator pitch by Doug Macaskill (CEO) focuses on SmugMug’s competitive advantage and somewhat tackles a pain point from an eGiant: the CEO highlights SmugMug’s premium, part-of-the-club nature with no advertising which contrasts it with Google’s everyone’s welcome and targeted advertising. The CEO’s delivery is a different approach: he is calm, […]

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    • hall 3:16 am on September 21, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I viewed SmugMug elevator pitch which I think is a very good product. I concur with you on the description of the CEO. I think that the background noise to near of the presentation was distracting which could turn off viewers.

      • kstooshnov 10:16 am on September 21, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        HI Conroy,

        If you click on a few other clips of elevator pitches from techcrunch, they all have the brownish solarized effect, and the background noise is consistent. At one point, I heard the timer start, sounding like a chime you would hear in an elevator. Despite efforts to make it seem like these pitches take place in an elevator, it is evident that they are happening in a noisy conference hall, so even more trying for the pitcher to catch the listener’s attention.


    • jenaca 7:06 am on September 21, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I also viewed SmugMug elevator pitch. I agree that it is a very good product however, I think he could have focused more on what the future plans are for his product.

    • David William Price 9:24 am on September 21, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      This never explains what the problem is… why would I use the product? Why is it better? Why not describe the difference in interface design or philosophy? Lumping BMW and Toyota together is pretty bizarre. Why are the photos “bigger”? Why is this important? Why do they look “better than anywhere else on the web”? Having paying customers sounds good… but what are they paying? What are revenues? More importantly, what are profits?

  • Kristopher 8:11 pm on September 20, 2011
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    Tags: coach, eLearning,   

    Just catching the swing of things and catching on slowly– my apologies for dragging on this posting. The eLearning Coach’s eLearning Technology Trends to Watch in 2011 was a very nice, very simple introduction to trends of eLearning as they where when published, but it quickly loses its scoop as it becomes outdated.  While my appetite […]

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    • Deb Kim 11:57 am on September 22, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      You raised a good point: “I was still left a little disappointed that there were not references to specific websites where we could learn more about the trends (recent articles, etc. from which the trends were identified)”.
      I also agree with you that these technology trends could just be as effective as printed word, no more than that. We all have different teaching styles so some of these trends will work for us and some won’t. We can only know whether it works or not by trying it first. For that reason, I also wish that they could more specifically describe how each trend works (e.g. recent studies, articles that can support how they have selected these technology trends).


      • jenaca 3:04 am on September 23, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        I agree with you both, I was thinking, “Why are there no websites addressed? Do they not want us to learn more?”
        But then I asked myself, if I have to go to the websites (that were not given) then the pitch couldn’t have engaged me enough or given me enough insightful information.
        Like you stated Deb, everyone has different learning styles, so this may or may not work for everyone!

  • Kristopher 7:59 am on September 6, 2011
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    Hello everyone, My name is Kristopher and I have been in the MET program for two years now. I have a strong interest in adult learning, and have explored previous courses from that perspective. I currently work with the Canadian Red Cross in the Injury Prevention department.  I am in a project management role revising […]

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    • David William Price 8:33 am on September 6, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hello Kristopher! I lived in Ottawa most of my life but I’m a recent transplant to Montreal. I created the writing content for an occupational health and safety module for the Canadian Standards Association a few years ago. The module was a 2D “serious game” with simple scenarios and commentary on choices. Congrats on your anniversary and best wishes on your project!

    • jarvise 12:59 pm on September 6, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Can I get a job at your home office? 😉

      Nice to meet you. Looking forward to working together.

    • Deb Giesbrecht 11:23 am on September 7, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Kristopher – nice office location.

      I used to work at the Red Cross (Winnipeg location) many years ago. Can I ask what your educational background is? I do some project management activities now in my current job as a Clinical Informatics Specialist (I am a nurse by trade) and was wondering how you ended up down that avenue.

      Looking forward to working witn you,


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