Bonjour from Ottawa

Good evening everyone. My name is Patrick and I live in the Ottawa region. ETEC522 and ETEC565 will be my 7th and 8th courses in a thrilling ride across the MET program. I am a high school information technology teacher and run a specialized focus program where students from the Ottawa region come to our school to take a full semester of computer courses.

When I’m not busy teaching, I spend time as the school’s computer resource and troubleshooting expert, an advisor and photographer for the yearbook committee, a supervisor for after-hours computer troubleshooting, or as a statistician for our school’s football team.

If that doesn’t keep me busy enough, I have two beautiful young girls (Amélie 3 and Annabelle 1) who wait patiently for me to return home so that we can spend time together playing the many games a 1 year old or a 3 year old might choose.

Patrick's family

As for my enrolment in this particular course, I am interested in emerging technologies as I am constantly looking at how:

a) I can integrate various technologies in my own classrooms

b) Our school can integrate various technologies that will benefit administration, teachers, infrastructure, or students

c) Our school board can integrate technologies that will be used at their own level or any other level below

As I’m often implicated in technology decisions at all levels and I am hoping this course will better prepare me so that I can provide even greater contributions throughout the decision making process.

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