Hello from Richmond!

Hello all — I’m going to give a good sigh of relief (like Ken). Got the first full day of teaching out of the way, now I can settle down to a little quiet with MET. My name is Jonathan Tang and I’m currently teaching a Grade 2/3 classroom in Richmond, BC. This is my 4th MET course and it has been hectic but a lot of fun to study/teach simultaneously.

The combination has allowed me to become a more reflective and critical teacher. My students have been a part of many of my ‘tech’ experiments. Some ideas weren’t able to reach their full potential, but it has been really enjoyable for both my students and myself. Technology in my school is encouraged gently and as a result anything I do is simply a bonus.

I’m curious as to the ‘venture’ aspect as I believe it will provide a more complete picture of the process of developing a product. It should help to better inform many of the choices in the type of technology that I use within my classroom.

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