Hello from Toronto

Hi Everyone!

I’m Eva, from Toronto. I’m working towards my PhD in the ISGP program at UBC and many of my courses are in MET. This will be my second MET course. My research interests are “Developing a Learning Model for Online Film Education.” I am also very interested in using Machinima as a learning tool. I completed my MA at Goldsmiths College, University of London, England and my BFA at York in Film & Video. I’m a filmmaker (although not making a film right now) and a film professor at Humber College in the Film & Television Production Program. I teach screenwriting and oversee thesis projects, among other things.

I’m entrepreneurial at heart, perhaps because I worked at my parents B & B as a kid. When I was 18 years old, I started a workshop, “How to get into the film industry in Toronto,” and while it was a bold move given my lack of experience, it was successful. Through this experience, I developed an interest in finding and filling a niche in a market. I am interested in taking this course because I hope to find ways in which film education can be monetized online, both in public institutions and private companies. I believe there is a huge market for online film/media education, but I do not yet know how to go about testing and pitching ventures in this market. I look forward to this course, as I believe it will help open my eyes in many ways.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the course.





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