Hi, My name is Suhayl Patel and currentl…

Hi, My name is Suhayl Patel and currently reside in Calgary Alberta.  This is my 6th course in the MET program and am looking forward to working and learning through out this term.  I have never taken a course that was located on a blog and am interested in this first-time experience.

Currently I work with the Calgary Board of Education as a Learning and Innovation Specialist.  I’m still trying to determine what my role in this position as I’ve only been here for two weeks, but there seems to be a lot of interesting things in the works.  In the evenings I facilitate an upgrading Math course for adults at a local college.

Given my new position, I am looking forward to learning about everything this course has to offer and hope to apply what I gain into my professional practice.   Through this course I hope to gain an understanding on how to exist on the innovator side of Rogers Curve of Innovation.

Looking forward to an exciting and informative term,


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