Hi from Mexico City!

Hi, my name’s Adriana. I am from Mexico and a recently landed immigrant in Canada; however, I still come and go between both countries due to my job. I have worked in ELT (English Language Teaching) since 1984 in teacher training, coordination posts, materials design, and teaching. I have also co-authored several textbooks for the Mexican school market. I have an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, and I am on my 8th,9th and 10th MET course. I have to take 3 courses now, or wait until next September to finish; I hope I’ll survive! I have taken ETEC 510, 511,532,565, 520, 530 and 500. However, I took a year off, so I am a bit rusty.

I am not vey tech savvy, but since having started MET, I have at least learned to give things a go, and I am no longer ‘scared’ by technology. I also do not have entrepreneurial experience, but I firmly believe we learn by trying things out, by making mistakes, and by embracing change. Technology is definitely something that has had an impact on every aspect of our life. In my case, I want to not only embrace these changes, but also make the most of them to improve my work in ELT. I firmly believe online resources have a lot of potential that have yet to be discovered; in this course, I hope to discover some of these new possibilities.

I like to do Yoga, watch a good BBC TV series, read and cook; preferably with my husband, whom I’ve been with for nearly 30 years. I have two grown kids who are also at university, and we have fun staying up late finishing assignments. ☺

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