I can’t imagine a better course to have taken this semester. I have to say that this course gives me a much different vibe than any other course I have ever taken.

I recently accepted a position as a Learning and Innovation Specialist with the public board, and I came from 5 years as a classroom teacher.  As a classroom teacher, it’s true what David mentioned, we don’t feel that education and commerce should mix.  I’ve learned first hand that I have been so wrong.

In my first meeting with the director of Learning and Innovation, her words to our team were “This is a Business and we’re losing money”!! I was definitely taken back and had to do a double-take.  When I was in a classroom, I would get emails/books from the admin about assessment practices and the personalization of learning.  In my current position, I receive book from my supervisors about the “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” and other business/commerce oriented books.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve worked alongside Apple and Microsoft to try to get a computer lease plan in place for students who would be interested.  I’ve been working with Google to bring Gmail and Google Apps to the board.  Essentially we’ve been involved in lucrative deals with multi-national companies in order to provide the best tools for our learners and the best resources for our teachers.  I can’t imagine how much money we’re spending on these resources, and it seems that our budget increases every year.


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