I am finding this week (unit) to be very fascinating and something that wouldn’t have been part of the course content even a couple of years.  Mobile learning is taking on a life of its own and students and teachers are both reaping the rewards.  I find now that with the plethora of educational apps teachers are not scrambling for resources, or waiting in long line behind their colleagues to sign out the computers for their class.  From my teaching experience, I have found that most teenagers have access to a mobile device, and our school network is open for students to use.  One app that I found to be particular interest is eclicker.  It is an online response to the SMART Response Clicker.  But with eclicker, you don’t need to purchase the remotes that work with the smartboards.  I teach a large high school upgrading class for adults and I find that they are very reluctant to response as they feel shame in participating and being wrong.  With this app, teachers can create questions, polls, etc, and students can respond anonymously. Just something worth exploring at the very least.

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