Week 6: Cloud Computing – Limitations

Excellent case study, and very relevant to what I do.  Several years ago I wrote our division media release form – it needs revision and it’s great to have the samples you posted.  I’ve also recently become my division’s LAFOIP go-to person (LAFOIP = SK version of FIPPA). Hasn’t been high on my list of tasks but will need some attention.

This leads into a recent question from our School Community Councils and Superintendants – what about a FB group page for each School Community Council?? I use FB, but really am not a huge fan. With groups – it’s pretty easy to find pictures & wall postings of group members (or friends of group members) that are not “school appropriate”.  Even side-stepping the hosting-in-the-USA issue, which is relevant I believe (as in your Case Study) – how does FB, with its ever-changing security issues – fit into a Candadian school setting? Is there ever an acceptable way to incorporate it?


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