Welcome to week Seven Our topic is Augme…

Welcome to week Seven

Our topic is Augmented Reality. Please click on the following link: https://blogs.ubc.ca/etec522augmentedreality/. It will direct you to this week’s activities.

Please read through the directions on the homepage and follow the steps.

When you have completed the readings, watched the videos and completed the activities, please answer the following questions on our class UBC blog  under week seven.

Choose two or three questions from below and respond to them by making a post in the week 7 forum on our class site.  https://blogs.ubc.ca/etec522sept12/category/week-07/
1) How do you envision the future of AR in a K-12 classroom?
2) Pick an app which integrates AR technology and share your findings with the class.
3) Do you think augmented reality would be an effective tool in your classroom? If so, how would you use it to enhance your teaching. Give one example of how Augmented Reality could be used in your classroom and workplace.
4) Does AR infringe on the personal privacy rights of individuals? Would you feel safe having your information accessible to anyone in public?

Share your experience:

Please share your work from this week in the allocated question posts we have created. If you would like the share a picture or embed a video you will need to create a new post in the discussion forum.

We look forward to your posts and feedback. Our team will be actively involved in this week’s experience. We look forward to interacting with all of you.

Jenny, Manny, Jhodi, Nureen and Patrick

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