Elevator Pitch & Persausive Presentation for Mobile Apps

I have created a venture pitch as an fictitious initiative for developing mobile apps for oral health care screening and prevention, the idea was to investigate a topic that would be meaningful to my profession and identifying an area that is under developed.


Creating a venture idea that will be appealing and successful in the market place is very challenging. The notion of creating a new or improved idea takes a very creative and innovative individual. This is not me! I don’t see myself pursuing this role in the near future. Although simulating the role of being a creative and innovative entrepreneur has been very insightful and experiential, it did not come natural and I found myself going back and forth with various ideas. The elevator pitch was more challenging than I expected, I suppose a visual pitch with background voice might have been an easier approach. I tried both Windows Movie Maker and iMovie but struggled with the editing of the final version. This will be on my “to do list” for technology skills. I am going assume those that have the skill set to be a successful entrepreneur have vision and create ideas they are passionate about and ensure there is a target market that will be the user or buyer of their venture ideas.

It was challenging to think in the mind set of an investor and why they would be interested in lending money to a new venture. I used various resources from the internet providing examples of developing a venture presentation and the necessary key components that investors are looking for.

This learning activity identified some of my personal strengths and weakness in creating a venture pitch and my overall understanding of business. My strengths are presentation skills and experience in health care prevention and my weaknesses were having little knowledge and interest in projecting revenue plans, investor payback strategies and the management of a business.

There are thousands of health and wellness mobile apps capturing the trends of the past, and today they have been transferred into digital version. The mobile apps for health and wellness are educational or some type of tracking of healthy eating, exercise, weight loss, diet plans, ovulating cycles for those attempting to conceive, measuring stress, heart rate, pulse , sleep quality, etc. The two categories of apps I found most impressive were the BP and Glucose monitoring apps, both of these priced at approximately 4-6 dollars and in my opinion are valuable tools for health prevention. There are very few oral health related apps and those that have been developed are for the practitioner or educational resources as an adjunct to treatment interventions. Oral health promotion has a place in this market. I tried to capture all the important facets of the “elevator pitch” – who I am, who is the team, what the problem is, what the product is and how the product will provide a solution, the target market, and a revenue plan. If I could re-do my pitch I would have introduced myself at the beginning and then used voice in the background with a more dynamic visual pitch, something more catchy!

The audience for this pitch would be technology companies that already exist for this to be feasible, some type of partnership would be a viable strategy. Another option would be to sell the app to Health Canada and the Cancer Society. The business plan is to continue to develop mobile apps that are useful tools that focus on health awareness and prevention to promote a health society. Apps that matter and make a difference! Apps that have screening-type tool for various types of cancers, and very prevalent health conditions that impact all ages in the life cycle. Advertising and marketing these types of mobile apps would occur through social media and through the primary health care providers who have a seminal role in health education.

I downloaded the BPMon and Heart Rate app. to monitor my blood pressure regularly; elevated blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” for both men and women. Most people don’t know they have symptoms. BMW is installing a steering wheel that will measure blood pressure when individuals are driving; companies are catching on to disease prevention and health promotion.

In my persuasive proposition I focus on what the problem is and how the product will address the problem and identified the 6 billion users of mobile devices across the life cycle. I tried to be persuasive with my business plan; however, this is not my area of expertise and would have to further develop this if this were going to be a real life business venture. I had technical issues with embedding my presentation into Slideshare, the original version of my presentation is more dynamic and would be complemented by the presenter delivering the information in a face-to-face meeting with the potential investors.


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