Participation Portfolio: Suggestion for potential changes in this course for the future

One suggestion I would make is that maybe A1 or A3 could be shared on the weblog prior to submission. This way, individuals could view each other pitches and provide feedback. Thus, creating a tool that can be learned from and allowing for improvement in the skills being learned during the course. I am currently learning a lot through the interactions I am having through peer reviewing.  I feel that this type of interaction earlier on in the course would have helped by allowing me to interact with my peers more and to see different vantages points that would have helped me in my learning process. This process is defiantly helpful at this stage but I think it would have been even more beneficial at an earlier stage.

Another suggestion I have is that maybe a different procedure or different form of course delivery could be used. I talked to some people in this course and found that they had similar frustrations as me when it came to participating in weekly online discussions. Posts get lost in the long threads due to the blog set up and get over looked, etc. I think it would be helpful if the posts were easier to find. This would allow for more back and forth dialogue.

Just a few things I noticed. What do you think?


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