Participation Portfolio: Team Pitches suggestion

I was really challenged by this course and I greatly enjoyed the many avenues we were able to explore.  Thank you to all of the teams that presented and the high quality of materials that were provided.

Two components that would help me, and possibly others participate more would revolve around communication and collaboration.  In the course I found it very difficult to stay on top of the conversations.  I tried using the RSS feed but that wasn’t a great solution.  Having the discussions hosted and threaded on a forum, such as Vista is my preference.  I say this because I know that when I log-in using Vista I can immediately see if I have any replies and I can expand the entire thread to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.  Also, going from this site to the sites created by the various teams made the course material seem disjointed for me.

In terms of collaboration, I really enjoyed working with my team early in the term.  I hope everyone had as great an experience as I did.  I would like to see the Venture Pitch move to a collaborative project.  This could be done with the same team as the Emerging Markets.  From my reading and researching this term one thing that kept standing out with the ventures and the research we did on certain ed tech leaders was the importance of a strong team.  I saw this over and over and then we were asked to work alone.  To me it seems that we could have created our own corporate teams, selecting corporate roles and working on our venture ideas collaboratively.  I think this would have benefited everyone as there were some individuals with a clear advantage in the business world and others that were better researches and those that are skilled in mutli-media productions.  Drawing these talents together would help everyone gain from the knowledge and experience from their team members.



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