Participation Portfolio

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience through this course. The topics were very interesting and relevant and the OERs I found a great way to deliver content and learn at the same time!

However, I agree and echo the sentiments others have about using the weblog vs an LMS. I also found it difficult to keep on top of all the topics, threads and comments. I think this was a combination of both the platform as well as the number of us in the course. Previously, I had been used to much smaller classes and I found communication a bit easier to keep on top of.  Also I felt I “knew” my colleagues a bit better when I had more frequent interaction with a smaller number of peers. Smaller numbers definitely helped create more of a personalised shared learning experience for me I think given the barriers of us all studying online.

Just going back to the platform again, there were three things specifically I would like to have been able to do that I could not.

  1. Have access to a basic text editor (or at least an html editor) when writing comments (as you do for writing posts). Being able to use rich formatting would have added to the readability and clarity/emphasis of many of my comments I feel. Also, I wanted to embed images and videos at times as well for the same reasons.
  2. Be able to edit/update comments after you wrote them in the same way as you can posts.
  3. Have the ability to mark posts and comments as read, unread or starred for future reference.

Many thanks everyone,


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