My last participation :-(

It was interesting to go back and reflect upon my participation. I agree that a platform that helps you keep a better track of your own posts would be useful, and perhaps doing this same participation reflection half way through the course.

Regarding the platform we used, I agree it is perhaps not the best option because of the difficulty in following posts and sometimes material or announcements that were important; I was not very good at remembering where I had read things.

Another thing I think would be good, is to be able to correct and improve our Assignment 3 after feedback; especially as it appears so many of us would actually like to pitch our ideas in real life.

This aside, I thought this was a brilliant course and a great and very knowledgeable group of people. I was truly impressed with everyone’s work and input. As these three courses were my last, I won’t be coming across any of you again in the MET course, so best of luck with your remaining journey. May it be profitable and successfull.

All the best,



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