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Parkades of the Future

Just awarded a grant to study Parkades of the Future. This is a TIPSlab project which will look at what parkades could become and how they could contribute more to society in future. We will be looking at potentials such as energy, exterior heat-moderated environments, temporary uses, future transportation such as drone landing pads and adaptations such as ground floor alternate uses.

This is a UBC Living Lab project so we will use UBC’s parkades as a testing ground for the ideas.

See TIPSlab for more details.



Discussing the city

What does Vancouver want to be when it grows up? A giant green resort for the world’s wealthy of course, chock a block with health inducing goodies such as bike paths, yoga studios and spas. If it has no room for offices or it’s port but that’s ok because it doesn’t need to work, it’s ‘naturally’ gifted.

This is a super article about the ‘creative’ and the wealthy cities of the world…
Expensive Cities are Killing Creativity