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iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is an online student response system that allows instructors to collect and grade responses to in-class questions that students answer individually using their own computer or mobile device. They receive the responses instantly, and can use these results to inform their teaching and/or share them with the class. Through the Canvas integration, iClicker Cloud poll and quiz results can automatically count toward student grades.

There is no cost for instructors or students to use iClicker Cloud. Unlike iClicker Classic, students do not need to purchase any special device and will instead respond in their web browser.

iClicker is useful for polling, quizzing and attendance in which instructors want to track student responses and/or grades. If there is interest in doing anonymous informal polling not for points, zoom polling is ideal.

Integrated with Canvas:


Use by UBC Sauder Instructors:


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iClicker Cloud Instructor Login

iClicker Cloud Student Login

Instructions for Sauder Instructors to set up an iClicker course and Connect to Canvas.

For more detailed information and instructions on how to use iClicker Cloud see Instructor Guide.

Instructions for students can be found in the Student Guide.

How to add a TA to your iClicker course

Students can sign up for iClicker Reef (the student iClicker Cloud application) accounts. Because the registration data is stored in the U.S., students can use a pseudonym and email address. As long as students are informed of the data residency, iClicker Cloud is FIPPA compliant. There is also an integration with Canvas that will allow the students to register their iClicker Reef account within their Canvas course in order to activate it for free. 

Once Sauder Instructors create the iClicker course in iClicker Cloud and activate iClicker Sync in a course, students will be able to register via the iClicker sync link and will automatically see the course in the iClicker application.

Students will also need to click the iClicker Sync navigation item in the Canvas course at least once, in order to properly connect their Canvas account with their iClicker Cloud account and sync their grades.

iClicker Resources for Synchronous Classes

Set up iClicker

These instructions will guide Sauder Instructors to set up an iClicker Cloud Course and connect it to their Canvas Course.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Enable iClicker Sync in Canvas

  1. Go to your course in Canvas and click “Settings”
  2. Select the “Navigation” tab
  3. Find and enable “iClicker Sync”
  4. Click Save

Download iClicker Cloud for your desktop

we recommend running iClicker Cloud from the desktop app and not from the web browser.

Go to the iClicker Cloud download page and select Windows or Mac to download the application. Once you do this, you can usually find the iClicker Cloud icon on your desktop.

Register / Sign Into iClicker Cloud

  1. In the iClicker Program Sign in or Create Account

Create an iClicker Cloud Course

  1. Within the iClicker Program Click “Create New Course”
  2. Name the course exactly as it is called on Canvas. (e.g. COMM 295 101 2021W1 Managerial Economics)
  3. If you had multiple sections merged into your Canvas course, you will need to create a separate iClicker Cloud course for each section
    • This prevents students from receiving “double credit” or being marked as absent in sessions they do not belong to.
  4. Go into your Canvas Course and select iClicker Sync from the left hand Navigation
  5. Select “+Link Another Course”
  6. Choose the correct course – Next
  7. Choose the correct section – Save and Link Course.

Configure Your iClicker Cloud Course Settings

  1. Select an iClicker Cloud course and click “Settings”
  2. Navigate to the “Polling” tab
  3. Select “Do not send a picture of my screen”
    • This ensures that students will only be able to see your questions in Zoom
  4. Select “Do not send results”
    • This ensures that students will not automatically see the distribution of responses in the class
    • You can still share results manually from your end if needed
  5. Configure the scoring scheme as you see fit

Link Your iClicker Cloud Course Gradebook with Canvas Gradebook

  1. Select an iClicker Cloud course and click “Settings”
  2. Navigate to the “Integrations” tab
  3. Switch the grade sync toggle to “On”
  4. Select “Canvas” from the dropdown menu
  5. Select “Enhanced Grade Sync”
  6. Next
  7. Verify your integration
    • If you see an error message, return to Canvas and click “iClicker Sync” — click “Link Course” and follow the prompts

You can choose to transfer each session column individually or aggregate as one column into Canvas.

*Please note: as of right now, iClicker Attendance will only be viewable in iclicker cloud.  UBC has not enabled iClicker attendance to be pushed into the Canvas Gradebook. If you would like track attendance in iClicker and sync it with Canvas, we suggesting asking a polling question with 0 point for correct response and 1 point for responding. 

Get your students access to your course

prior to your first iClicker class, we suggest sending an announcement to students to get them to sign up for your class. Here is an example:

Welcome to COMM 123 sec 234. Tomorrow we will be using iClicker in class. If you do not have an iClicker student account. please follow the instructions on the iClicker Student Guide. Once you have an account, you must access the course by going into the Canvas course and clicking ‘iclicker sync’ in the left hand navigation. You must access the iClicker course through the ‘iclicker sync’ link at least once for your points to be captured. Then add the iclicker course to your account. This course is called COMM 123 sec 234. Please make sure you join the correct section so your grades will be captured.

Suggested Settings

Within settings, under polling, instructors can set scoring for the course and what to share with students.  These are suggested settings.

  • Send a picture of my screen to student devices: Do not send a picture of my screen
  • Send class results to student devices: Do not send results
  • Participation: Instructors can select an amount of points to give students if they answer a certain percentage of questions. These points will be added on to the session performance points.
  • Session Performance: Instructors can select an amount of points for correct response and for just responding. Usually instructors will chose 1 point but it is up to each instructor.


You can choose to sync your iClicker grades with your Canvas Gradebook.

  • Log into iClicker Cloud and select your course
  • Select Gradebook on the left hand navigation
  • Select Sync Grades Button on the top right
  • Select the Sesssions that you want to move from iClicker to Canvas. ‘Sessions’ correspond to each of your classes.
  • Click ‘Sync’

If you run into an error:

-Ensure you have set up your Integration to Canvas via the settings area in iClicker.

-Have your students sync’d their accounts? If you are in your grades area in iClicker cloud and you do not see any green dots under Grade Sync column, that means that no students have sync’d their iClicker account with you specific course. Every student needs to go into your Canvas course and click on the iClicker Sync button once to enable this and get their grades.


  • Why are some students grades not syncing from iClicker to Canvas?
    • If student have not accessed an iClicker course from your Canvas course at least once, the grades will not sync properly. Please relay the information below to students. it is also available in the UBC iClicker Student Guide.
      • Once an iClicker account has been set up, log in to the Canvas course and click iClicker Sync in the Course Navigation.
      • If students don’t see the iClicker Sync option in their Course Navigation, contact the instructor. This sync needs to be enabled in the Canvas course for students to see it.
      • Students must add each course that uses iClicker through the iClicker Sync link in Canvas or else they will not receive grades for iClicker activities in the course. Students should not try to add courses in iClicker Reef directly, unless your instructor specifically tells you to.
      • Once the course has been added, students can participate directly through your web browser for the course activities by logging in at
  • Is iClicker free for students?
  • Can students only use iClicker on a smartphone?
  • What should I do if I have multiple sections merged on Canvas?
    • Create a separate iClicker Cloud course for each section. Make sure you’re in the right one before starting a class activity!
    • Note that course sections in iClicker will all have separate columns in your Canvas Gradebook. For example, you are not able to automatically combine all ‘session 1’ marks for your section 101, 102 and 103 iclicker courses into one column in Canvas gradebook. If you want help organizing the iclicker grades, please contact Learning Services at
  • I got an error message using iClicker Cloud and a MAC, what can I do?
  • iClicker is frozen and I cannot close the program
    • If the fatal error message appears and you are unable to quit, use force quit to close the application. The hotkey for force quit is Command+Option+Escape. Another option to force quit is to use your Activity Monitor. You can open your Activity Monitor by opening Spotlight Search (Command+Space), then type ‘Activity Monitor”
    • If force quitting the application does not fix the fatal error, you can try deleting and re-downloading the application.
  • How can I remove sessions and/or attendance from iClicker?
    1. Log into the iClickerCloud website.
    2. Select the course you are interested in.
    3. Navigate to the Class History tab.
    4. In the top right corner, select Delete.
      Image of iClicker dashboard on the Class History Tab, with the delete button highlighted in a red square.
    5. Check off the attendance and/or session dates you’d like to remove. Confirm that you’d like to delete the data.
      • Attendance and sessions are counted separately. If you remove the attendance for a class, it will not remove the poll results for that class, and vice versa.
      • If you have already synced grades, clicking “Sync Grades” again will not remove the grades for the deleted sessions from Canvas. You will have to remove them manually.
      • There is no way to retrieve deleted attendance/sessions.
        Pop-up screen in iClickerCloud for deleting session and/or attendance.

Instructional Video

Video instruction on how to set up iClicker Cloud Course

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