My name is Cristina. I’m currently a 5th year majoring in Linguistics. I’m involved in my department in two ways. I’m the president of the UBC Speech and Linguistics Student Association (SALSA), and also, I’m the Linguistics Programs Assistant at the department’s admin office.

Aside from that, I’ve helped Dr. Maria Carbonetti with a few translations while taking SPAN 401 in 2018. After the class was over, I continued to help her with another project: Abreast in a Boat. I’m happy to be able to join in my final term as the Translation Team Student Coordinator!

A few fun facts about me are that I’m Argentinean with a Korean heritage. I speak Spanish, English and Korean fluently, and I’m learning French and American Sign Language (ASL). I love playing volleyball, which obviously includes being a fan of Haikyuu!