We are delighted to invite you to a special presentation on “New Perspectives on Community Archaeology and Social Inequality in Mexico” by guest speaker Gabriela Montero Mejía, an Anthropologist from the University of Kentucky. The presentation is part of course SPAN 302 Guest Speaker Series, but all students interested are welcome to attend, since the topic will draw on course themes across the Spanish and Latin American Studies curriculum.

When?: Friday, March 4th

Time: 1pm to 1:50 pm

Online event, register here, https://fhis.ubc.ca/events/event/new-perspectives-on-community-archaeology-and-social-inequality-in-mexico-online-presentation/

About the presenter: Gabriela Montero Mejía’s research focuses on the archaeological assessment of changes in quality of life of indigenous populations to measure economic impacts of the contact period in Mexico, exploring how alterations in access to agricultural land affected native communities after European conquest. Her project will contribute to anthropological understandings of culture contact, developing an approach through household quality of life that affords the possibility of identifying local and socioeconomic variation in the impact of colonialism.

Learn more about our presenter: Gabriela Montero Mejía

Language: mainly in Spanish