This Friday, the 26th of January, the UBC FHIS community is graced by the visit of Dr. Silvia Mellado (Universidad del ComahueConicet, Argentina), professor, researcher, poet and specialist in Mapuche literature. As part of their Community Engaged Learning – Spanish for Community component, students in Spanish 300 and 400-level courses take part in an international project that connects indigenous experiences through poetry, Palabras Madres / Mother Words. The project focuses on translating poetry between Mapuzugun, the language of the Mapuche people in the Patagonia (Argentina) and the Araucania (Chile), Spanish and English. Visits from Mapuche scholars like Silvia Mellado and members of the Mapuche communities help students enhance their learning by speaking and listening directly, and interacting with the poetic and artistic production. Silvia’s first visit during the second term is this Friday, January 26th on Zoom, from 12pm EST to 1pm EST. Her next visit is on February 16th, and the third is on March 1st. We look forward to welcoming her.