On Friday, February 9, the FHIS community was visited by Carolina Testa, founder and director of Inspirad@s (Toronto, Canada) and co- founder of Candahablaespañol.org. “Inspirad@s” is a cultural initiative aimed at promoting Hispanic-American art and literature in Canada and fostering cultural exchange with Latin American countries through inclusive activities. Over the past three years, Carolina has conducted more than 50 talks on literature, visual arts, inclusion, and film criticism, with an attendance of around 4000 participants. 

In her role as a cultural manager, she has been involved in various community inclusion projects and initiatives to promote Latin American roots in Canada and multicultural exchange. She has developed and organized several cultural programs, events, and performances in collaboration with the Spanish Centre for Language and Culture (such as the Argentine Film Series, Latin Christmas Market, Latin American Documentary Series, LGBTQ+ Documentary and Short Film Festival, among others). Carolina is a partner in the Palabras Madres / Mother Words project of Spanish for Community at the University of British Columbia.