Welcome to Week 2: Sketching on the Blank Slate: Affordances of WordPress

We are coming off an incredible week of connection and sharing about WordPress and open pedagogy. If you missed anything take a look at the Week 1 Summary.

Last week the discussion was focused on open pedagogy and this week we will be exploring some of the affordances of WordPress in teaching and learning. How can the WordPress environment be used to support teaching and learning? What are the benefits and limitations for using WordPress for teaching in your context?

We will kick off the week with a webinar WordPress for Teaching, Monday June 8, 12-1pm Pacific (3pm Eastern, 19:00 UTC): with Christina Hendricks, Alan Levine, and Tannis Morgan where they will talk about various ways in which they use WordPress for teaching and learning. This will be on Google Hangouts, broadcast live on YouTube. Click here for information and how to sign up to join the discussion if you want, and share how you use WordPress for teaching (or just ask questions!).

Join us for the week to explore how WordPress can be used as a flexible, blank-slate tool in teaching and learning. Share your experiences and tips and tricks for using WordPress in open pedagogy and continue the conversation on twitter (#TWP15) and on your blog.

Read more about the week in the schedule, week 2, which includes:

We are looking foreword to another great week of discussion, sharing and connection.

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