Word of the Week 1: Physical Literacy

Caitlin and I are trying out a new feature on the blog – Word of the Week Wednesdays! We’re trying to get a bit more discussion going on here on the PE blog, and this may be a great day to do it. (Or maybe not – we’ll find out!)

This week, our word (well, we snuck a phrase in for the first week) is physical literacy – in our textbook, we have Margaret Whitehead’s definition that “a physically literate individual…moves with poise, economy, and confidence in a wide variety of physically challenging situations.” (R+R, 227).

What does this mean to you in a PE context? Do you agree or disagree with the definition we have been given it? What would you add? What does physical literacy look like to you?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

One thought on “Word of the Week 1: Physical Literacy”

  1. Here is a more extended definition from PHE Canada:

    Physical and Health Education Canada defines physical literacy as:

    Individuals who are physically literate move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.
    Physically literate individuals consistently develop the motivation and ability to understand, communicate, apply, and analyze different forms of movement.
    They are able to demonstrate a variety of movements confidently, competently, creatively and strategically across a wide range of health-related physical activities.
    These skills enable individuals to make healthy, active choices that are both beneficial to and respectful of their whole self, others, and their environment.

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