Word of the Week 2: The Four ‘C’s

We couldn’t settle on a single word this week, so we chose four:

continuous, collaborative, comprehensive and criteria-based

These are the four ‘C’s that Robinson and Randall suggest are the “essential principals”  of physical education assessment “that must be constantly respected” (2014, pg., 102). If educators follow these four principals, Robinson and Randall suggest, students will be more likely to  achieve the outcomes of their PE program.

Which one of the four ‘C’s do you think is most important and why? Can we apply the four ‘C’s to subject areas beyond physical education?  Why?

3 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2: The Four ‘C’s”

  1. Collaboration is the key to having engaging relationships with colleagues and students. Collaboration promotes continuous discussion between students and teachers and to have the same understanding of the criteria in which they are being assessed.

  2. While I think all (continuous, collaborative, comprehension and Cirteria-Based) are essential for good assessment. I think one of the most important factors of assessment is having a clear and visible criteria. I would take an IB approach to this as well by including my students in the development of this criteria so that they gain most autonomy in their learning.

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