Spotlight Saturday 5:

Today’s post is an overview of a really neat site that Fraser found –, and in particular the section on Primary warm-up games. They list equipment needed, and give a great overview of how to play the game. While not quite as focused or detailed as the PlaySport site, these games are great for a fun icebreaker, warm-up for a lesson, or just a fun idea for some DPA. New games are regularly The website also has a section on full length games, if you’re looking for something a bit longer, although they do also include a variant of dodgeball so use your discretion. There’s a section on classroom games too – again, great for DPA! I really like the look of the game “Assembly Line” – it encourages a lot of creativity, and also has the potential for a large variety of motions. Lastly, the site lists a lot of great ideas for Fitness Circuits and Weekly Challenges – definitely take a look at this resource, it has a lot of great information and I know I’ll definitely be using some of these games next week!

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