Spotlight Saturday 6: Action Schools! BC

This week’s spotlight is on Action Schools! BC, which is “a best practices whole-school model designed to assist elementary and middle schools in creating and implementing individualized action plans to promote healthy living while achieving academic outcomes and supporting comprehensive school health.” It includes components of PE, DPA, and healthy eating, to create a very holistic program which provides a foundation for life-long healthy living.

They have six action zones: School Environment, Physical Education, Classroom Action, Family & Community, Extracurricular, and School Spirit. Each of these six area includes the top five ideas for increasing physical activity and healthy eating, and there are some really great suggestions on these pages.

Action Schools! also provides complimentary professional development resources to schools, through workshops and mentorship programs. They also provide a great deal of resources, such as planning guides, action pages, and posters, so you can take action on some of these ideas. There’s an interesting section on student leadership as well!

Possibly the neatest feature of the site is the listing of “playground circuits” that have been created for schools throughout BC. You can search by district, and view suggested circuits to use the playground and field area in PE and DPA. My school is already on there – is yours?

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