September 16 – Journal – Amy Joe

So far, this class has been an ‘eye opener’ and great refresher for me. It is so interesting to learn about school’s physical education statistics in BC and Canada and the importance of including physical activity in the class room every day. I haven’t had to think about a PE class since high school. This week, I thought back to my PE experiences and how it was one of my least favourite classes. When I was in primary school, I was shy and hated being singled out in class, especially PE. I felt like my peers were only judging me on my athletic ability, which I can admit, wasn’t great. But I also had some great teachers and classmates who continually supported and encouraged me during PE. I feel that teachers who have the passion and interest in physical education showcase it in their class.

Many of my memories from PE class in primary school consisted of playing tag, simon says, and duck duck goose. At the time, I enjoyed playing these games so I was a bit surprised to find out they are now on the Wall of Shame list. But after some thought, I can see why.

As a teacher, I want to ensure my students look forward to PE class and that everyone has the same participation involvement. I want to strive to create an enjoyable environment where students can build on their teamwork and motor skills. I look forward to learning more from this class so I am well equipped to teach PE and encourage/demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for my students.

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I enjoyed reading your reflection! The ‘Hall of Shame’ list also came to a bit of a shock to me because I have also grown up playing these games during Physical education class and after school with my peers. After reading the explanations for why these games fall under the ‘Hall of Shame’ list it made me acknowledge that these type of games can be very damaging and devastating to a child’s self-esteem. This is especially true for students who have a poor body image and are less physically inclined. Moreover, a majority of these games require less participation time and low amounts of fitness related activity.
    Red Rover was one of the many games listed under the ‘hall of shame’ list and one in which I used to play with my friends in elementary school. However, as I reflect back to playing this game I agree that it was in fact dangerous and that no motor skills were taught or reinforced. I definitely know now that Red Rover is a game, which should be banned in any physical education class.
    I believe that the take home message of the ‘Hall of Shame’ list is that teachers should discourage games that have the potential to scar students in front of their peers and refrain form playing games which have minimal physical activity. I think that the gym should be viewed as an extension of a classroom, one that is inclusive and free of judgment. Students should be constantly encouraged and supported by their teacher and peers. This will in turn build their confidence and have greater success in meeting their individual goals.

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