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Amy’s Dance Reflection October 28

I was so nervous to be teaching dance in PE since I don’t have a coordinated bone in my body. But working with Jen and Ashley was so much fun, I think we created an energetic yet comfortable setting for the class today. Our goal was to create a simple and enjoyable lesson that would be a great for a dance introduction class for grade 5 students. Overall, I think the class went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy practicing the dance sequences and bringing everything together to perform a final dance routine. The class shared some great recommendations for what we can do next time and how to make the lesson even better. Firstly, we could have tweaked our instant activity a little by playing music while students completed the fitness activity instead of playing music while they ran, walked or skipped. The music would have motivated the students to complete their exercises and free style dance. Secondly, we could have incorporated a wider range of dance moves that involved bigger movements like arm reaches and bending to the ground. This would have been a great adaption that could have been incorporated if students needed a challenge. Thirdly, Steve brought up a great recommendation of introducing the class by sharing a bit of dance history. This would have been a good opportunity to access prior knowledge and motivate students for the rest of the class.

We were glad we incorporated technology into our lesson by allowing students to use iPads to record themselves while practicing the dance routine. It was helpful for students to see their routine on video since we did not have a mirror in the gym.

I really enjoyed teaching the dance class. Next time, I will use more of a ‘teachers voice’ in the gym to make sure everyone in class can hear me. I think dance will always be a fun unit to teach in PE. I look forward to teaching more fun classes in future. Can’t wait for our next class!


Dance photo

Amy – October 14 – Reflection

I really enjoyed this week’s outdoor class. You don’t notice how much exercise you are getting when you’re having fun. Getting to do fun exercises on the way to the field (instead of simply walking or running) is a really creative way to motivate a PE class. From 2 days in practicum, I noticed a variety of class management techniques to keep students on track and most importantly, engaged. Before I would feel comfortable taking a class outside for class, I would need to ensure my students would be safe and to have those management skills in place.

I think the benefits of having PE classes outside are great. Our scavenger hunt outside was a great lesson plan for the class to experience. We were able to collaborate with other classmates, work together to find clues, and practice physical literacy. (And having a nice healthy snack was a definite plus!) This is something I would like to include in my future classes.

I also enjoyed exploring and taking a walk to the forest. We are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful city surrounded by the mountains and ocean. I think it is important for teachers to take advantage of their surroundings and incorporate outdoors into PE classes. This would be a great method to motivate young students to value and appreciate physical education; and to instil a love for life long learning and physical education.

Looking forward to our next class!

Practicing our ‘animal exercises’ – The alligator
Beautiful BC – Outdoor PE class

September 30 Journal – Amy Joe

Today’s reading summary made me think a lot more about assessment in a PE class. I think it is important to assess students on their physical literacy, in addition to their physical skills. The four basic principles are important components to include when you are grading your students. As a teacher, I want to ensure I assess students fairly and regularly. I’d also like to give my students an opportunity to voice their opinions about class activities. Maybe allow them to work on an activity or sport for a group project. I think it’s so important to encourage students to stay physically fit and healthy. If they are interested in a certain aspect of PE, I’d like to show my support and allow them to explore their interests and thoughts.

I was also interested to learn more about fundamental movement skills in PE classes. I look back to my PE classes in school and how we were forced to play baseball and basketball. I never understood that I was working on my movement skills. I think it would be beneficial for teachers to explain the benefits of PE class and why it is important to develop movement skills. While I was in school, if I knew that running and kicking were important skills to become a great soccer player, I would have practiced more. I have always been uncoordinated so I struggled to do well in sports like soccer and baseball. I think if I became interested in a sport early on, I would have developed my fundamental movement skills at a quicker pace. I didn’t enjoy playing sports until I reached my early twenties when I started going to the gym and working on my physical health. I look forward to next week’s class!

September 16 – Journal – Amy Joe

So far, this class has been an ‘eye opener’ and great refresher for me. It is so interesting to learn about school’s physical education statistics in BC and Canada and the importance of including physical activity in the class room every day. I haven’t had to think about a PE class since high school. This week, I thought back to my PE experiences and how it was one of my least favourite classes. When I was in primary school, I was shy and hated being singled out in class, especially PE. I felt like my peers were only judging me on my athletic ability, which I can admit, wasn’t great. But I also had some great teachers and classmates who continually supported and encouraged me during PE. I feel that teachers who have the passion and interest in physical education showcase it in their class.

Many of my memories from PE class in primary school consisted of playing tag, simon says, and duck duck goose. At the time, I enjoyed playing these games so I was a bit surprised to find out they are now on the Wall of Shame list. But after some thought, I can see why.

As a teacher, I want to ensure my students look forward to PE class and that everyone has the same participation involvement. I want to strive to create an enjoyable environment where students can build on their teamwork and motor skills. I look forward to learning more from this class so I am well equipped to teach PE and encourage/demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for my students.