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Amy – October 14 – Reflection

I really enjoyed this week’s outdoor class. You don’t notice how much exercise you are getting when you’re having fun. Getting to do fun exercises on the way to the field (instead of simply walking or running) is a really creative way to motivate a PE class. From 2 days in practicum, I noticed a variety of class management techniques to keep students on track and most importantly, engaged. Before I would feel comfortable taking a class outside for class, I would need to ensure my students would be safe and to have those management skills in place.

I think the benefits of having PE classes outside are great. Our scavenger hunt outside was a great lesson plan for the class to experience. We were able to collaborate with other classmates, work together to find clues, and practice physical literacy. (And having a nice healthy snack was a definite plus!) This is something I would like to include in my future classes.

I also enjoyed exploring and taking a walk to the forest. We are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful city surrounded by the mountains and ocean. I think it is important for teachers to take advantage of their surroundings and incorporate outdoors into PE classes. This would be a great method to motivate young students to value and appreciate physical education; and to instil a love for life long learning and physical education.

Looking forward to our next class!

Practicing our ‘animal exercises’ – The alligator
Beautiful BC – Outdoor PE class