Group A

Our first Physical Education class sparked good memories and some not so great memories for me. Growing up as a child I was always the shortest in my class; which, increased my competitive nature to be the best in my class no matter my height. The majority of my peers enjoyed playing competitive sports such as soccer, football, and red rover (best and worst game ever). Competition in my school was normal, even encouraged.

Most of my great memories centering around PE are being picked first for a sports team or scoring the winning goal. Where as, some of my not so great memories are centred around aspects of bullying. As a young child I would witness other girls not being invited to play sports, such as soccer, being teased, due to their lack of ability at that particular sport, and treated poorly in general. My hopes for this PE class is to learn how to be inclusive in every sport, to learn how to manage situations of bullying, and how to be a positive role model for my future students.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Amy! I liked that you included memories about other people’s experiences in PE and not just your own. I also really like the goals that you have chosen for this class.

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