September 17th: Group A, Reflection

I have always looked forward to P.E class, and last week was no different. I was thrilled to see all the equipment laid out and some people already starting some games up. Beginning class off with free play was a great way to get our creative juices flowing as well as giving the class a chance to mingle with one another. It was a great way to bond with the cohort and have a great start to the year!

Even though P.E has always been my favourite class, I have never thought much about the meaning behind the games we play before. Chuck the chicken, I found to be a fun team bonding game activity. Little did I know, it was a stepping stone to baseball. I am excited to find new activities to teach the fundamental of sport.

P.E has always been a positive experience for me. My  favourite P.E  classes were ones spent outside usually playing a team sport. I loved having the brain break in the day, being able to get fresh air and interacting with my peers. Many of my negative moments involved too much talking and not enough playtime. For instance when the teacher constantly stopped the class to explain the activity or one day we had to write an exam.

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