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Final Journal

Cheryl, Rob, Elizabeth and Mary did an amazing job creating physical literacy and holistic lesson plan to wrap up the semester. I enjoyed the variety of choices that were provided to the students. These stations incorporated physical, social and mental health activities to engage the students. Giving students options is a powerful tool for children to explore and learn.  The group was aware of students staying at an activity for an extensive amount of time and encouraged us to try new activities. I was very impressed with their energetic,  creative animal warm up and cool down (the special background sound effects were a nice touch).

Physical activity is an important aspect of our lives, however, it is often pushed aside. It is important to educate students on healthy living. Modeling active lifestyles  at school is a great way for kids to learn and implement into other areas of their life. Using physical education in cross- curriculum is a great way to make sure children are being physically active for minimum 30 minutes a day.

Gymnastics reflection

It is important to create a safe, inclusive and respectful environment in your class. In order to do so, you must be aware of your students capabilities and disabilities. Being a flexible teacher and adapting the environment to your students needs such as, adding extra padding, cones and making boundaries. The teacher must be considerate of time and duration of each activity to make sure the students are engaged throughout. Having set rules and regulation in the class will regulate the students engagement (knowing when to freeze or stop, knowing what is off limits). As a teacher you must be aware of you students abilities and be able to make modifications to the criteria to create a safe, challenging and provide opportunities for success.

When an educator includes large apparatuses within a class, the safety level increases. The educator must implement rules for the use of the apparatus. An educator may be concerned with the supervision around the apparatus, especially if there is many large pieces in use. Make sure to have an adequate amount of mats surrounding the large apparatus to protect students falls.

Educational gymnastics encourages students to think critically and creatively about their body movements. Embracing all variety of basic movement patters and skills will generate an inclusive and creative environment.

Many schools do not have gymnastics equipment however, this should not deter the educator from teaching gymnastics. The educator can focus on body movement and be creative with the equipment which the school has such as, benches, hoola-hoops etc.

Week 5 journal

Learning about the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) model has reinforced the importance of breaking down game fundamentals. Games are more than just skills and drills. Team work, decision making and game knowledge are key components for a child’s success with a game. These components are interchangeable between different sports as well as life skills. Making the game accessible for all students to be successful will make the game more enjoyable. 

As important as the TGfU model is, I think it is important to use it along side with others models depending on your students needs. Using the mix curriculum model is important to keep in mind to not became fixated on one type of curriculum. Each class will be different, therefore the teacher must modify the curricula to fit the students needs.

In what ways can educators provoke further questioning among learner?

The educator should resist helping the students at first. Giving the students space  furthers the students questioning and encourage them to make their own decisions about game play. Have the student engaged in active experiences, then inquire how these experiences can be implemented within the larger picture, for example, society, community, school. The fundamental component for provoking questioning among learns is give the students more control!

What are the conditions for including all learners in game playing?

The Teaching Game for Understanding (TGfU) approach is a model which is inclusive for all students regardless of ability and skill level. This approach focuses on giving students the opportunity to actively experience, enjoy and understand games. Having a learner centred approach put the needs and abilities of the participants first over the importance of the game. Modifying games to make sure they are inclusive for all students abilities is a the component of this approach.

Week 3 Journal

Physical literacy is an important skill not only in P.E but in all classes and aspects of life. These movements will help the child in their future. Therefore it is important to implement physical literacy into your other lesson plans as well. I grew up playing many different sports. I found they each help my performance in other sports. It allowed me to bring other movements and abilities into other game play. For instance, I went to Cirkids (a circus program) which improved my balance, strength and flexibility for all other sports. Soccer improved my endurance for Cirkids. Steve Nash was a great example of this. I have never seen his soccer ability before. They blew me away! He did not just grow up playing basketball everyday. He skateboarded and played soccer as well (and who knows what else) but each of these sport movements helped the other sport This allowing him to be the best basketball player as well as a very skilled soccer player.

P.s I loved the tic tac toe game as a warm up. Very creative!


September 17th: Group A, Reflection

I have always looked forward to P.E class, and last week was no different. I was thrilled to see all the equipment laid out and some people already starting some games up. Beginning class off with free play was a great way to get our creative juices flowing as well as giving the class a chance to mingle with one another. It was a great way to bond with the cohort and have a great start to the year!

Even though P.E has always been my favourite class, I have never thought much about the meaning behind the games we play before. Chuck the chicken, I found to be a fun team bonding game activity. Little did I know, it was a stepping stone to baseball. I am excited to find new activities to teach the fundamental of sport.

P.E has always been a positive experience for me. My  favourite P.E  classes were ones spent outside usually playing a team sport. I loved having the brain break in the day, being able to get fresh air and interacting with my peers. Many of my negative moments involved too much talking and not enough playtime. For instance when the teacher constantly stopped the class to explain the activity or one day we had to write an exam.