Final Journal

Cheryl, Rob, Elizabeth and Mary did an amazing job creating physical literacy and holistic lesson plan to wrap up the semester. I enjoyed the variety of choices that were provided to the students. These stations incorporated physical, social and mental health activities to engage the students. Giving students options is a powerful tool for children to explore and learn.  The group was aware of students staying at an activity for an extensive amount of time and encouraged us to try new activities. I was very impressed with their energetic,  creative animal warm up and cool down (the special background sound effects were a nice touch).

Physical activity is an important aspect of our lives, however, it is often pushed aside. It is important to educate students on healthy living. Modeling active lifestyles  at school is a great way for kids to learn and implement into other areas of their life. Using physical education in cross- curriculum is a great way to make sure children are being physically active for minimum 30 minutes a day.

2 thoughts on “Final Journal”

  1. I agree! 30 minute activity is not a lot, but somehow we struggle to provide this time for students to be active! I am glad we are learning and planning a cross curriculum lesson plan as we all need to understand physical literacy isn’t about being the strongest or fastest. It is being physical, as simple as that as all kind of movement is a form of being physical.

    I really like the 60 minute program and I would love to implement it when I become a teacher. I never enjoyed school until I was intrinsically motivated through playing sports. Physical activity have played a huge part of my development and is still helping me relieve stress. I truly believe it is important for all students to be literate in physical activity.

  2. You are right how important it is to create that variety of choices in the station activity. Very well done with creating stations that are manageable from a distance. No one station was too dangerous and each station had clear instructions on its purpose. Each activity related to different aspects of Physical Education whether it be, Physical health through activity and eating right or, mental health writing positive messages and doing self check in’s. I liked how the group said they would scaffold this activity by doing each station individually each class and then finish with the many different stations for students to return to. I am interested in trying this form of teaching in my practicum. Nice warm up activity creating letters with different number of kids and a fun closing of the activity by spelling out CITE with the whole class, what a blast!

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