Week 3 Journal

Physical literacy is an important skill not only in P.E but in all classes and aspects of life. These movements will help the child in their future. Therefore it is important to implement physical literacy into your other lesson plans as well. I grew up playing many different sports. I found they each help my performance in other sports. It allowed me to bring other movements and abilities into other game play. For instance, I went to Cirkids (a circus program) which improved my balance, strength and flexibility for all other sports. Soccer improved my endurance for Cirkids. Steve Nash was a great example of this. I have never seen his soccer ability before. They blew me away! He did not just grow up playing basketball everyday. He skateboarded and played soccer as well (and who knows what else) but each of these sport movements helped the other sport This allowing him to be the best basketball player as well as a very skilled soccer player.

P.s I loved the tic tac toe game as a warm up. Very creative!


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