September 9th Reflection by Emily Mills

Unfortunately when I was growing up, physical education wasn’t a very positive experience for me. Although I wasn’t the best at sports, I believe with the right support I could have really enjoyed the chance to try different things and the opportunity to be active in between my more academic classes. However, I was a very sensitive kid and was often found playing sports such as baseball or volleyball which often had me put on the spot in front of others. Sometimes I would even be made picked on for not being able to hit the ball far enough or run the bases as fast as my peers would like.

Fortunately, my impression from Steve is that times have seemed to change a lot since when I was in elementary school. I like the idea of free play when children are free to run around and do as they please. I also think the idea of working in small groups so that children don’t experience too much pressure when they’re learning new things. Although my past experiences in the gym were difficult, I hope they will ultimately help make me a stronger teacher. I want to do everything in my power to create an experience for students different than the one I had when I was younger. I want to have children play in smaller groups, work with different partners and provide verbal encouragement towards each other so that no child feels left out. I want children to learn to love to exercise so they can stay mentally and physically healthy both inside and outside the classroom.

One thought on “September 9th Reflection by Emily Mills”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Emily. Although I really enjoyed P.E., I can vividly remember many instances of classmates being hurt, both emotionally and physically, on a regular basis. Now, looking at things from a different vantage point, I really appreciate the idea of letting children learn new skills and movements using a more Safe learning environment.

    P.E. class is the most physically free class for young students. It is a time to release energy. That energy should never intrude on a peers comfort zone. I never really thought about this until last week. You’re right, it seems like things have changed. I’m also eager to keep learning about non traditional ways to ensure the confidence of our students, while maintaining the excitement of P.E. class.

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