Movement Journal- Week :Group A

Last Friday’s EDPC physical eduction class was a refreshing experience after a week of lectures and readings. Upon entering the gym, the free time and access to equipment got me so excited for the term and to participate in this course. As a child, I always had a good experience in PE, other than when I’d get hit in the face, but that happens. I can understand that it can be an intimidating space for students who aren’t as athletically inclined. I think it’s important to reduce the stigma and create a safe space for learners to try new things and develop their physical literacy. Steve seems like and awesome instructor who has a good attitude about shifting the way physical education is taught. He believes in inclusive and creative games, and feels there’s no need for shameful games. I very much enjoyed playing games like Mission Impossible and Chuck the Chicken. Reviewing the video and photos from the first class you could tell that everyone was excited to be part of the group and participate in an alternative course. I am so relieved that we have the opportunity to participate in a course focused on physical education and that we get a chance to let off some steam, run and play together.

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