September 16th blog post

I have few memories of my PE experiences in elementary school, however of what I do remember I was lucky enough to have a very diverse curriculum where we covered everything from tennis and swimming, to netball and rounders. Looking back it seems as though I enjoyed all of it and can still see today how I have benefitted from having such a wide variety of experiences at a young age. I think that maybe I had such positive PE experiences because I went to an all girls school and so was never being compared to the boys. When we were discussing other peoples negative PE experiences in class today it surprised me how many were eliminated just by being in a single sex school. I was also lucky enough to never play dodge ball! Whether that was because I was in an all girls’ school or that it’s just not played in England I don’t know, however, not playing dodge ball, capture the flag or California kick ball probably all contributed to my positive PE experiences as a child.

I am excited to be entering teaching at a time when there is an emphasis on daily physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle. I hope that I am able to use physical activity as a tool in the classroom to encourage further learning whether it is just about physical literacy or interdisciplinary.

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