Movement Journal Week 2 – Michelle Parker

Something I reflected on a lot this week was the hall of shame games article. The three games I was struck most by were dodge ball, tag, and red rover. I have lots of memories playing all of these games growing up and I remember them quite fondly.

When it came to dodge ball, I was never that good at throwing the ball but I was good at jumping and dodging. Growing up we played many variations of the game and our teachers always tried to make the teams fair. Little did I realize until reading this article all the negativity behind the game.

Tag is a game that I believe does not need to be a hall of shame game; if played in a positive way. There are variations of the game where everyone can be involved; for example: “everyone’s it tag.” I think if tag is played correctly it can be played in a positive environment that is inclusive and fun for all students.

Finally the last game that stood out was red rover. I absolutely loved this game growing up! The competitive aspects of the game and trying to break through my friends were so much fun! Looking back at the game I understand how it taunts the less athletic students but it also is so dangerous.

I learned so much from the hall of shame articles. My perspectives on teaching P.E. were changed and I hope to provide my students with a positive learning environment.

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  1. Hey Emily!

    I definitely agree with you in that tag does not necessarily need to be in the hall of shame. It can be a lot of fun and it does not have to as negative as the article makes it out to be. I remember play version of tag in my PE classes in elementary school, such as Octopus and Bubble Gum Tag. Octopus in particular was an effective game because of its nature it ensured that everyone was running and participating.

    In terms of the game red rover, I concur with you on the dangerous setting of the game. I was one of those kids who were not as athletic as my peers and while it did not feel like they were taunting me, I know see the underlying aspect.

    It is so strange to even think that there is a PE Hall of Shame games and I’ve also learned a lot of things from the article; and all the games that are not necessarily beneficial for our students’ game play.

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